Sonnengarten is an interactive light installation produced for the City-Visions Festival 2015 in Jena.

Urban nature is vital for every city. The installation ‘Sonnengarten’ at the ‘Sonnenhof’ of the housing co-op WG “Carl Zeiss” eG demonstrates this in an impressive way. By touching the plant, the proportion of light associated to it gets reduced – for a short time the plant is symbolically deprived of its energy of live. With their interactive piece ‘Sonnengarten’ the students Johannes Marschall, Till Fastnacht and Abraham Ornelas Aispuro aim to revive the ‘Sonnenhof’ courtyard in Jena and enhance its functionality as a relaxing place to stay. For the installation organic materials are used as a counterweight to the dominance of concrete and steel. An interactive aspect is added to enhance the amenity value and to raise awareness of the nature.

Within the project ‘Urban Interface’ under the direction of Dr. Sabine Zierold, Prof. Dr. Jens Gelhaar, Prof. Andreas Kästner and Susa Pop, the artistic director of the CITY VISIONS Festival, students of the Masters Programme MediaArchitecture together with students from the research group ‘Human-Computer Interaction’ under the direction of Prof. Dr. Eva Hornecker and Patrick Tobias Fischer at the Bauhaus-University Weimar will design and produce sustainable light installations for the ‘Sonnenhof’ of the WG “Carl Zeiss” eG.